Meet My Soul Mate...

Read How Coach Colleen found her soul mate and created the Total True Love system

Found "The One"

I listened to the song for a couple of weeks then put it in my glove box. I couldn't get it out of my head, so every couple of weeks I would get it out and listen. I just did it when I felt like it; nothing big. Kip is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire adult life. He's the one. Thanks Colleen, I was a little doubting at first, but tell everyone that it's worth it.

Jill Hall, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Light Your Fire

Men, men, men; I am shooing them away like flies. Actually not really pushing them away; being with them from that place of curiosity.

B, Seattle

Moving Beyond Single

The song immediately threw me playfully from my head to my heart. I felt transported into possibilities. Guess what! I had dates galore after a very long dry spell. Your system is amazing. … . Now I'm going on 4 years with my honey.

Bonnie Barnard, Phoenix, Arizona

Romance is in the air!

It was two weeks to the day I received the CD when I thought, "Whoo wee! This is incredible." I got an unexpected email from a man that I am interested in, and two other men have expressed romantic interest … Your materials have helped me do that.

Lynn, Seattle, Washington

How to Find Real Love

Experiencing two divorces taught me what I didn't want in love. But only with the Total True Love system did I discover what I did want. With this confidence, I found a new way to approach love. A wonderful man came into my life.

During the first year we dates, I was privately testing him against my own definition of true love. I kept checking back with the Total True Love theme song to see if the feelings were right.

The were, and we are now engaged.

I had given up on true love and the Total True Love system gave me hope to try again. It really works!

Marci, Seattle, Washington

Create a New Story for Your Life

I had a date within 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it was because of your system, but it was my first invitation since my divorce.

Jeannie Vandenberg, Seattle, Washington

Colleen helped me Find My Soul Mate

I started using Colleen's system and my love life soared. It was incredible. It wasn't very long before I found my true love. We are heading towards our 1 year anniversary. All I can say is DO IT.

T, Seattle, Washington

When I first started listening…

I must say I was a wee bit skeptical when I started listening to the recording... in as much as I truly wanted to find true love, there was a little voice in my head that said I would never find it. Within a month of listening several times a day, I met three very powerful people. All of whom seemed very suited to me. A year and a half later one of those and I have set up house and are blown away at just how easy being together is. It's definitely a first for me. I feel a deep sense of contentment, and a passion to create the best relationship ever. I know it will be. Thanks for being so brave as to do something about what you believe in …  and sharing your passions with the rest of us

Meg Herweier, Vancouver, Canada

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